The main purpose of our company provided service, is to match the requirements and needs of our clients, so any provided service becomes an enhancement in clients’ business.

System Integrations

We have a dedicated team capable of delivering the best solutions for integrating different subsystems that work on different platforms to achieve the result of a comprehensive, multi-functional system

Operating systems

Operating System is the software foundations that manage the computer resources and allow us to run our services & applications, there are many platforms types, Linux and Unix like systems, Windows systems, VMWare Systems, Embedded systems and other types, we can offer complete support for your services.

Technical support

Providing technical support to organizations and companies at various levels, starting from technical advice on various systems, through indirect & direct support for live environments to solve problems related to systems, databases and applications, and finally by provide direct support by highly efficient specialized technicians for live environments

Reporting System

Any automated system, small to large ones, needs a reporting system that works alongside the core system. Tatweer company has a specialized team in the latest and most important reports’ generating platforms and building statistical reports for analysis systems and decision support systems. This component can be added to any system regardless of being programmed and developed within our company or by another one.

Hardware controllers programming

Some projects require communicating and controlling various types of hardware attached to the project, such as cards’ printers, scanners, QR readers and POS devices. Our team has enough expertise to deal with all these technologies and embed them in any developed project within the company, and we have successful country-level experiences in this area.

Desktop Applications

Desktop applications are useful tools for enterprises’ and companies work, noting that some companies’ work specialty needs this kind of applications.

Mobile applications

Tatweer company has a specialized team in developing mobile applications with both famous Oss “IOS and Android”, while keeping up with the ever-evolving programming platforms of these applications to produce applications according to the latest international standards.


Tatweer company has a specialized team in designing and developing websites and for all types of companies, according to specific methods of building any website supported by content management systems. Our team has full control over several content management systems which makes developing any website according to the needs and clients’ requirements possible and fast.

Automated Systems

Tatweer company has a very professional and specialized team in developing and automating business information systems for all companies, with a wide range from small software modules to enterprise resource management systems “ERP System”

Encryption & Decryption

To secure data storage and transfer, Tatweer specialized team implements solutions for encryption and decryption into any system including embedded systems and network devices.

Digital sign

E-Signature solutions that makes signing documents secure and legal for any organization.


Corporate promotions, and custom label designs on social networking pages, depending on the wanted topics.


The company provides logo design services to emerging companies after identifying the company's identity and nature of work. In addition, a logo can be designed according to each developed product in the company and based on client’s desire.


Prototyping Designing personal cards and cards associated with some other software


Design of the interfaces of all the software products under development, as a basic and early stage of product development as a whole, and obtain the client’s approval of the design before the implementation of the design in the required system or product screens (program - mobile application - Internet website) and according to the latest international standards in design (UI / UX).

Banking Solution

Tatweer Comapny through its specilized and experienced team offers Banking Systems integrations and operations

* Implementation and operation of banking systems

* Middle-ware development and APIs

* Reporting Systems

* Development of customer evaluation and AML systems


Tatweer company provides training services for fresh graduates and undergraduates with the aim of practical refinement of the theoretical information that been studied in their colleges and institutes, and that is because of the company’s belief in the need of supporting young people and fresh graduates. Taken into consideration that this service might be free or with nominal fees, with the possibility of following up with the trainee and offering a job opportunity within the company according to trainee’s competency, and intersects with the recruitment strategy applied in Tatweer company.